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Following the inaugural TIAC research grant launched in 2017, its 2018 version calls for applications from academic staff currently employed at the higher education institutions in Malaysia for the TIAC Research Grant 2018. The grant scheme aims to support research projects in the area of monetary and financial economics, in line with the objective of TIAC.  The priority research areas are:

(1) Inflation dynamics: Focus of topics can be on shifting inflation dynamics (i.e. flattening of Phillips curve) and the implications for monetary policy, and more micro-analysis on the price-setting behaviour of firms;

(2) Impact of technology on the economy: Topics can include the impact of digitalisation on the economy, impact of cryptocurrencies on monetary policy; and

(3) Monetary policy and inequality:  Topics would cover the distributional impact of monetary policy.

The 2018 research grant recipients are: 

1. Dr. Law Chee Hong (Universiti Sains Malaysia), "Monetary Policy and Income Inequality: The Dynamic from Institutional Quality"  (co-research with Dr. Soon Siew Voon).

2. Dr. Mansor Ibrahim (INCEIF), "Monetary Policy, Financial Structure and Inequality" .

3. Dr. Fumitaka Furuoka (Universiti Malaya), "New Keynesian Phillips Curve in Asia: Insights from teh Backward-Looking Price Setting in the ASEAN Context" (co-reseach with Dr. Pui Kiew Ling, Dr. Ma Tin Cho Mar @Noorjahan Bi Bi, and Dr. Lariza Nikitina)

Last Update: 19/01/2023